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more than $300.....20%  discount
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Agave collection (6) $46.50 Toumeyana bella, medio picta alba, xylonacantha, bracteosa, parryi var. huachucensis, & americana .
Agave americana var. medio alba  1gal $10.80 Painted white in the middle.
Agave bracteosa 1gal $8.10 Rugged, fountain-shaped rosettes are delicate in appearance.
Agave bracteosa  5gal $27.00 Same as above, larger.
Agave guiengola 1gal $10.80 An excellent offsetting clone of this normally solitary rosette.
Agave marginata 1gal $8.10 Friendly small size
Agave parryi var. huachucensis 1gal $10.80 Nice tight "cabbage heads" extremely rugged
Agave parryi var. huachucensis 5gal $22.50 Same plant of much bigger size.
Agave villmoriniana 1gal $15.00 "The Octopus". Get one now!
Agave xylonacantha 1gal $9.00 Very irregular leaf margins.
Aloe aristata var montana 1gal $10.80 Nice tight compact heads.
Aloe Collection (6) $42.00 Includes pubescens, sinkatana, kedongensis, glauca, brevifolia, verdoorniae
Aloe brevifolia $5.40 Forms very tight compact mounds in sun. Salt spray tolerant.
Aloe ciliaris 5.40 Vine like aloe. Great landscape bush or covering.
Aloe distans 1gal $10.80 Rambling. Yellow spines.
Aloe elgonica 1gal   Temporarily sold out 10/06/00
Aloe glauca 1gal $8.10 Beautiful blue grey pigmentation.
Aloe kedongensis 1gal $8.10 Forms tall thickets. Great flower.
Aloe pubescens 1gal $8.10 Ethiopia.
Aloe striata 1gal $8.10 Thick leaves make a small rosette about 24 inches in diameter. Also known as The Coral Aloe. Produces an outstanding flower.
Aloe sinkatana 1gal $8.10 Flat topped yellow flowers are outstanding.
Aloe species "white teeth" 1gal $8.10 White spines, clumping.
Aloe squarosa 1gal $8.10 Branching small shrub from Socotra, Africa
Aloe striatula var. caesia 1gal $8.10 100 newly prpagated plants back in stock.
Aloe verdoorniae 1gal $8.10 Leaves neatly coil up when dried. Good color.
Flowering Cactus Collection $49.50 Buy all five and save $4.00!
Echinopsis Magenta 1gal $10.80 Magentas.
Echinopsis Pink 1gal $10.80 Profuse pink flowers every two weeks!
Echinopsis Salmon 1gal $10.80 Salmon.
Echinopsis Yellow 1gal $10.80 Yellow.
Ferocactus latispinus 1gal $12.60 Interesting hooked spines.
Hylocereus undatus 1gal $10.80 Climbing with a gigantic flower; forms Pitallia fruits
Lophocereus schottii monstrosus var. obesa 1gal $60.00 These are some really bald, fat cactus! Extremely unusual.
Mammillaria compressa 1gal $16.65 Forms mounds Cold tolerant.
Myrtilocactus geometrizans cuts $5.50 Short clubs from 4- 6 inchs
Opuntia ficus indica long form cuts $5.50 Nice long spineless pads
Opuntia quimlo cuts $6.00 8 inch pad with some lo-o-ong spines!
Opuntia robusta cuts $5.50 10" blue pads
Opuntia violacea var. Santa Rita cuts $6.00 10" red pads
Trichocereus pachanoi 1 foot mid cut $10.00 one foot center cut.
Trichocereus pachanoi 1 foot mid cut $20.00 one foot center cut.
Trichocereus pachanoi 1 foot tip cut $12.00 one foot tip cut
Trichocereus pachanoi 2 foot tip cut $24.00 two foot tip cut
Calibanus hookeri 1gal $10.80 From Mexico. Forms a spherical caudex with a grassy fescue like top.
Calibanus hookeri 5gal $60.00 Same as above with larger size caudex
Tylecodon paniculata 1gal $10.80 Leafs out in winter. Drops them in summer leaving its thick caudex.
Sedum quevae 1gal 13.50 An excellent small tree sedum from Mexico.
Euphorbia antisyphilitica $10.80 Succulent euphorbia from mexico.
Euphorbia resinifera 1gal 13.50 A very tight and compact cusion former.
Euphorbia mammillaris variegate 1gal $10.80 Creamy white corncobs. Perfect pieces
Gasteria liliputiana 4inch $6.75 Really tiny.
Gasteria bicolor  1gal $6.75 Covered in white spots.
Gasteria carinata var. verrucosa 1gal $6.30 Raised bumps.
Gasteria Royal Highness 1gal $10.80 Circular rosettes.
Pleiospilos sp. 1gal $8.10 Split rocks.
Aeonium atropurpurea 1gal $6.30 Purple leaves, hardy grower.
Aeonium Zwartkop 1gal $10.80 Leaves turn jet black in bright light
Crassula arborescens 1gal $8.10 "Blue Jade". Like a common jade but with red-edged, coin-shaped grey leaves.
Crassula "Gollum" 1gal $8.10 Suction tiped leaves. Great trunk texture.
Dudleya hassii 1gal $5.40 A Channel island native.
Echeveria "Doris Taylor"1gal $8.10 Fuzzy leaves with orange flowers.
Echeveria elegans 1gal $8.10 Unusual translucent turquoise color.
Echeveria harmsii $8.10 Fascinating fuzzy leaves make this echeveria very unique.
Echeveria gibbiflora hybrids 1gal $10.80 Big Cabbage Head rosettes.
Echeveria Violet Queen 1gal $8.10 Nice violet heads in summer.
Sedum Quevae 1gal $13.50 A small tree sedum that resembels a miniature Joshua Tree.
Sedum rubrotinctum "Aurora" 1gal $8.10 Has the vigor of rubrotinctum but with an exotic creamy color.
Dasylirion longissimum 5gal $72.00 Very long and gentile needles.Outstanding.
Dyckia rarifolia 1gal $5.40 Unusually long flower. Bromelacea.
Plieospilos species 1gal $8.10 Very thick leaves. Mesembryanthemacea.
Senecio mandraliscae 1gal $5.40 Nice long blue fingers.
Senecio mandraliscae var. talinoides 1gal $6.30 Forms tall upright bush with resiny leaves.
Xerosicyos danguyi 1gal $16.65 Coin Plant from Madagascar.
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